We manage import and export

We manage commercial transactions between different countries. This process involves documentation, logistics and the payment of taxes and duties. Import and export management is crucial for companies seeking to expand globally and take advantage of international market opportunities. To carry out this process, national and international regulations must be complied with and strong relationships with suppliers and customers in other countries must be established. This is why we handle the logistics management of imported and exported goods for our customers, both domestically and for our customers in China.

Technology and advances in logistics and transportation have facilitated the management of imports and exports, allowing companies to reduce costs and speed up delivery times, and effective import and export management can be a competitive advantage for companies in the global marketplace.

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Specialists in import and export

Logistics management
We coordinate and control all logistical processes of our customers, both import and export to customers. Our company takes care of inventory management, route planning, load optimisation, warehouse management and other key actions in the distribution of goods.
Customs formalities
We help our clients to complete customs formalities. These are the legal and administrative procedures that must be followed to import or export goods through a country's customs. These procedures vary depending on the country and the type of goods, but in general they require documentation that includes the commercial invoice, customs declaration, certificates of origin and other documents that can verify the quality and safety of the goods.
Management and coordination of international freight transport

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